Annie and TJ’s Wedding at Villa Christina | Atlanta Area Wedding Photographer

Annie and TJ were sweethearts for over 10 years when they finally decided to tie the knot. You can just tell by being around them that they are meant for each other. When I met with them the first time, they were so in sync they were finishing each others sentences! Their wedding day was absolutely beautiful and was held at Villa Christina in Atlanta. Annie sent us a list of the family members she wanted photos with after the ceremony and because of the number of pictures she requested, I was a little worried that we would not have time for the romantic portraits of just the bride and groom alone afterwards. Boy was I wrong! Their families were so organized and so amazing to work with, we managed to capture 50+ different groupings of peopleĀ  in just over 20 minutes! That has to be a record somewhere – I know it was for me personally! The day was amazing, the food was incredible and we had a blast as usual.

Annie and TJ – blessings to you both on your marriage and thank you so much for choosing us capture your special day!

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