Tiffany and Lindsey Married at Robson Event Center | Gainesville, GA Wedding Photography

  1. Mario Castaldo says:

    This is-it the best I have participate.
    And I have participate many,in Europa and here in America.I am very proud of it:
    Tiffany she is my number one granddaughter.
    I can’t be more happy for this event.
    Wishing always the best in future.
    Mario and Marlene grandparent’s

  2. Ann Dinsmore says:

    Tiffany, you probably don’t remember me. I’ve been friends with your grandmother, Monica, for 54 years (right before your daddy was born). She sent this link to me and honestly, this is one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever seen AND you were a gorgeous bride. Wishing you and Lindsey a wonderful life together. With Love, Ann Dinsmore

  3. Hey Tiffany! Amazing ceremony and reception decor, lighting and photos. You’re a pro which you already know but have a blast with married life! It is such a blessing to be able to share your life with your best friend. Mark and I are now living in Savannah and I am doing weddings for the riverboats. Much different from Lake Lanier but wonderful just the same. Congrats to you and Lindsey!!

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