Jenny and Sanjoy Wedding

It was a definite pleasure photographing this wedding. It was an Indian wedding and unlike anything I’ve ever shot before. All the colors were just stunning and the ceremony was absolutely beautiful. I just loved Jenny’s sari, jewelry and the henna on her hands was amazing. The shots of her hands were among my favorites of the day but nothing could top the interaction between Jenny and Sanjoy that day and it shows in their photos together. You could just feel the love between them! As usual, I had an absolute blast! Congratulations you two!

  1. Mariah says:

    What a beautiful wedding/couple! Congratulations, Jenny and Sanjoy, may you have a blessed marriage! I wish Glen and digital photography were around when i got married…

  2. Cathy H. says:

    Awesome pics (as usual) Glen!!! Love the song too, it's one of my favorites:)

  3. Glen says:

    Thank you both!

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